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1. Why are some items listed for pickup only?

There are several reasons. The product may contain liquids such as chainsaw oil or dish detergent for example, or it may be a hazardous item such as a high capacity battery. We do not ship these items. Other items may be bulky or very heavy. The shipping costs could be so high that it is not economical to ship. In addition, some items may be marked as a damaged item, and we would sometimes prefer that you view the item in person so that you can make a better informed purchase decision. All that said, if you really want an item that is listed for pickup only, please do not hesitate to call us to inquire as to the possibility of shipping it.

2. I bought an item and a friend wanted one also. But now it dissapeared from the WEB Store listing. What happened?
The listing remains posted so long as we still have stock. The stock in Surplus Sams, is, as implied, surplus. We receive stock in various quantities and at unpredictable times. Often though, we receive the same products again later. It may be worthwhile to check the WEB Store periodically.

3. What currency is used to make a payment?
We are located in Canada and all prices are in Canadian dollars. There are several on-line exchange rate calculators on the internet that you may find useful in estimating the cost of items in your currency, for example: http://www.xe.com

4. Is it possible to get next day delivery?
The Canadian Postal Service provides Priority Post shipments. Priority shipping costs are typically three or four times higher than normal postal rates. However, there are other considerations. There is an afternoon cut-off time for pickup in order to receive the package before noon on the next day. It may not be possible for a postal delivery if no one is home to sign for the package.

5. What happens with international shipments?
We use a shipping calculator as provided by Canada Post. It estimates shipping costs to international destinations as well. However, the government of your country may impose duties. The package may be detained until the duty is paid. Commercial businesses may require a broker. Some postal systems will perform the brokerage operation on your behalf and add their charges upon delivery.

6. What happens if there are several different items in my shopping cart?
The items on the WEB store are posted as a combination of items from stock in our two physical stores. Some items only exist in one store or the other, but some are available in both. The locations of the item are shown underneath the longer description. If all the items are available from the same location, then they will be shipped from that store. If the stocking locations are split, then it may be necessary to either ship from both stores or delay until the items can be relocated to one site or the other.

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